from a dream to reality...       

This is the real deal! All of our products are made from scratch in a loving and CLEAN kitchen, using only the finest essential and carrier oils. Our HEMP CBD is of the finest quality and has been 3rd party "tested" at our local laboratory to verify you are getting what we are advertising. 


Compare to others and see the essential oils used are very different than ours, not as expensive or effective. All 7 products have 99.5% pure HEMP CBD. I have also learned thru a journey of my own that this is the best formula I have found for me and many others. 


I am 62 years old and have scoliosis and spondilitis (both spinal diseases), as well as arthritis in my hands/fingers and I cannot express to you how much this has helped me. For those of you like me, I always thought of pot would giving me that high or stoned feeling, which I... "did not" like it 40 yrs ago and even more so now with the strengths they have out, it kept me away from even trying CBD products until I got educated. 


I have tried many over the past year and did not really get much in the way of relief, plus I paid full retail. I new I needed to do something for my pain without having to use prescription medicine. HEMP CBD and topical oils, salves, etc..."DOES NOT" have a psychoactive affect. 


The relaxation feeling you may feel is from the essential oils and does not incapacitate you in anyway, it is a light relaxation which we all need and love at times! I will be honest in telling you I was talked into getting a medical marijuana card from a reputable doctor (somewhat) of which I qualified and tried it. I did not like it at all it made me very shaky and paranoid, so I decided to look into the NON THC products but couldn't find any quality products so decided to make my own.