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Your product amazes me tremendously.  No words can describe how I LOVE your products.   I was born with hip dysplasia. So I deal with chronic pain 24/7 & just recently found out my right hip is in distress.  Before I was just dealing with the pain. Crying myself to sleep.  I couldn't eat.  Couldn't sleep or function.   Your product lasts better and longer than any pain pills. So surprised how instantly my pain is gone.  As soon as I put on my skin it takes the pain away. I personally think That God directed me to you. Thank you so much again. 



The quality of your CBD is without a doubt top notch and your topical recipes are unlike anything I have ever found before.  With all the injuries I sustained in my car accident I no doubt had some pretty uncomfortable days and I only wish I had learned about your products sooner.

 I like how your mixtures contain a variety of essential oils as well as high quality CBD. Your products are not only highly effective but also quite pleasant and soothing to use!

 I only wish I had found you sooner!!!  Aside from the help your products have given me with my pains, anxiety, and sleep, I wanted to tell you about your Miracle Face/Eye cream. You were absolutely right about how it helps with wrinkles!!

My mother is really enjoying what it has been doing for and even I have started using it more often. I am technically still considered a young guy but my skin has been showing signs of hard miles. When I use your product though, it is quite noticeable how much it helps. Sometimes it almost seems like it makes me look 20 years old again.



I feel like we have become good friends with all of the time you have spent with me on the phone.  I don’t know any company that would do that.  As we discussed I have had migraines and vertigo for years and have tried literally everything on the market, I even tried Botox and as against putting something like that in my system, I was desperate.  It didn’t work either.

Your pain stick is like a miracle in a twist up stick, I just rub it on my forehead when I feel one coming on and it miraculously goes away. I am also going to order your ingestible tincture/oils  and praying I can beat this thing for good.  The best part about it is it doesn’t make me high. I did try medical marijuana but I didn’t like the way it made me feel.  It’s crazy that something that so simple doctors make so much money on putting us sufferers through hell.

I am so grateful for you, want to thank you with all of my heart! I am telling everyone I know about you!



Thank you so much for calling me and thank you for the “FREE” sample of the eye cream .  You were right it made my face soft and supple.  I like the lip balm and pain stick too!



I can say I feel better each day and can honestly say you are to thank!  Also, I wanted to let you know that I've been dealing with this issue for 25 years.   I had something fall on top of me when I was 23 and it ruptured 2 discs.  I've just gone through my 6th spinal fusion because disc deterioration keeps going up my spine about every 6-10 years and the pain is insane while going through rehabilitation.  Your products are helping me more than any other medications prescribed by my doctors.  I'm so happy to have met you and tried your products.  I look forward to a brighter pain free future.

Again, I want to thank you for all of your help both on the phone/emails, your concern and kindness.  You're definitely a wonderful person and I greatly appreciate you!  God bless.



I LOVE the PAIN SALVE!  I use it and I even used it on my DOG'S EAR .....Works great!  Really like the FACE/EYE CREAM too.  I ordered it from your website and put a bid on one you have up for auction too.  Great products!  Thank you. 



I am already wearing the Lip Balm and I LOVE it!  I like that the flavor is not too strong, it’s a great balance.  It's also good for the people who don't like the taste of CBD cuz the flavor covers it well. Consistency is perfect too, my lips feel great!  Kevin's back is really hurting too so we will have some good feedback on the pain stick and salve very soon!  Thanks so much! 

K and K


The pain salve has been a great source of pain relief for me!  I had knee surgery over 20 years ago after a skiing accident resulting in screws holding it together.  Two years ago I started having pain and swelling again and my "good knee" started overcompensating for the injury.  I have been struggling with pain in both knees recently and was pleasantly surprised not only with the pain relief from your pain salve, but also with the quickness of the relief!  I have also used it for my neck and lower back pain and love the quickness of the pain relief.


The foot balm is another great product that quickly absorbs and offers pain relief.  I have also given a sample to my brother-in-law who and it has helped immensely with the neuropathy in his feet.


The miracle face cream offers so many benefits!  I have pretty bad allergies and wake up to swollen, itchy, red eyes and I have had to use eye drops daily for years.  After using your miracle face cream, I didn't need to use the eye drops and my eyes were no long swollen, itchy or red!  And the moisturizing benefits are awesome.   I wake up with my face hydrated and refreshed.  I share your products with my friends and they also rave about the results.   


Thanks so much!



March 8, 2017 had a lamenectomy  (back surgery) with no good result. I have been in pain for 10 years.  I anxiously waited for pain stick, and I can only tell you how happy and pain FREE I am since I used this.  That evening I slept like a baby.


 I can't wait to purchase more products..

 Thank you thank you thank you...



The lil pot of pain cream "was a hit"


I went for my massage today (2:30) and brought that little (sample) pot of pain

cream you sent me.  My massage therapist Cheryl , used it in my

massage and she also put it on her hips that were hurting her from


We both got relief within minutes and for me at 10:30 pm, it's still working ;)

You are my new go to person, you are a hit in my book!





I wanted to thank you for all you have done for our mom. Your products have helped her more than I can say. 

As you know she has stage 4 cancer in her brain, lungs and bones, the doctor gave her 6 weeks to live and here we are 4 months later after using your CBD products. She says the topical salve works better than the morphine for her bone pain, and she won’t leave home without it. 


She says the oil has made her feel so much better and the doctors can’t believe the brain lesion are gone and the lungs are clearing up, there is still a small spot on her back but they are going to do radiation on that to see if that will knock it out. 


Again, we thank you for being there for us in our time of need. 



I too have a horrible knee with repair needed but I've been putting your product on twice daily and haven't felt this good in a long time. I also went to my knee doctor two weeks ago and had no fluid in there for the first time in years.   Thank you!!



One quick story/testimony on the pain stick. I tore my meniscus playing softball back in 2004. One Doc wanted to operate right away (and cash his check) 


Drove up to Syracuse got a second opinion from a sports doc that recommended physical therapy. The long term effects of the injury take the most strain on my IT band. 


Unless I'm working out every day or every other, that thing gets so tight and knotted. Started working out late this year to get back in "game shape" for the season and my IT-Band was the worse it's been a long time. 


Tried to stretch it out, rolled it out on the foam roller, bath, muscle relaxers, kratom...nothing touched it, nothing. Finally (not sure why I forgot about it) I dug out the pain stick and within minutes the BEST relief I've had in weeks on that leg. Incredible!!!!” 





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